Friday, July 3, 2009

Character from an siiiick new fighting game

Alright here's an obscure fanart! It's a character from a new fighting game coming out tomorrow for ps3 by the dudes that made guilty gear called blazblue. (i have no idea how to pronounce it, silly japanese)

Anyway, this is one of the bizarre fighters in the game


Anonymous said...

Oh Noes! Big Mac has started drawing FURRIES!

Kirsten Whiteley said...

what is this? a cat lady who forgot to put on her pants??? well I don't have to say nice art because I always say that.

Bigmac said...

Hahah johnny- don't group me with those people! Lol jk I just love the game so I had to do something.

Kirsten- It's a video game character who forgot her pants! Lol thanks!

sussman said...

this is cool
i think i might have to go ahead and get it tattooed on my left nut

kathryn durst said...

its like shes going to spank herself

you rule sooooooo much omg

Mattieau said...

Good stuffs. Love the character design. quite awkward. * although it looks like something i'd draw....*