Sunday, March 7, 2010

cool gals

Just a girl i did in photoshop instead of doing homework like I should have

Finished up another I was working on too


sussman said...

very cool, i like. the style feels different from your usual stuff, which is cool. the front arm feels a bit stiff, maybe the way the hand is resting but overall its siick. oh and she needs a mustache. keep it up son

Bigmac said...

thanks man. I noticed something was off wit he front arm so i added some shading which I somehow neglected in the first place haha

sussman said...

siick you added another eh
she looks better now methinks
oh and i like the blue background, id buy that

Luigi said...

Sweet work MAAAAN!!!

How have you been, haven't heard from you in a while!!

Bigmac said...

haha thanks man! I've been extreeeeeemely busy with school lately. It's getting insane!

What about you bro? I really dig the stuff you're coming up with, and I'd love to do some of those character design challenges you have once I get the time.

You should totally apply for some animation character design job man. Your folio's loaded full of stuff and you're designs are sick! Do it!!

Mike said...

hey big cheese. Nice stuff, we need to sketch together again soon. And go out for sushi! and dance, a lot of dancing

Bigmac said...

mike! yes lets have lots and lots of sushi while dancing until we get cramps, and then when the cramps subside then we'll eat more sushi and dance more