Thursday, June 10, 2010

FOR THE HORDE! I feel so nerdy saying that now

K so Jeremy Bondy lent me his warcraft artbook so I could look at how they design armor for inspiration for a piece I'm working on, but needless to say I got sidetracked and ended up drawing an orc. Also here's a girl with a sword and obligatory Ian monster in background.


Alina Chau said...

Very cool dynamic drawings!

Ian MacDonald said...

Thank you Alina! I really appreciate it!! Your art is so awesome by the way!

Gyimah said...

nice man , great blog!

Mike said...

hey ian

You should stop drawing



how do i join satelite soda

Adam Temple said...

Nice blog! Lots of energy in your drawings.

kathryn durst said...


is the obligatory ian drawing supposed to be ian?

Ian MacDonald said...

Thanks gyimah- love your stuff!

Mike- thanks brosaurus!

Adam- Thanks man! Really love your blog!

Kathryn- Thanks kathryn! The obligatory Ian is typically me in monster form. I can't help it!

jesse winchester said...

WOW dude. Incredible draftsmanship here.

Ian MacDonald said...

THank you jesse!! I love your art!!

Wesley Blondin said...

I want eat your brains.

(On the off chance I might absorb your powers.)