Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Just some of the stuff I did for the group film!

Here's a breakdown:
For the first one, I did the rough animation/ tie downs on the girl/ trex, and Alanna McGonegal cleaned it up and she/ Sun Ah Kim colored. Abe Taraky did the bg.

The second one, I just did the effects, and Titus Lau/ Matt Cemalovic colored em up. Titus animated the trex in overdrive and Abe did the bg.

The 3rd one I animated the fire effects and did some posing. Titus colored the efx, and animated the rainbow, while Abe did the bg ( i rough sketched it), and Omar Al-Hafidh did the jitter of the dragon and trex.

In the last one I animated the little girl, Alanna cleaned it up. Omar animated the dad while Sun cleaned it up, and Phill Studiman did the bg.


Dylan said...

amazing as i've said times before.

Lee said...

yeah loved your film during the screening, cool story and sweet effects. The little girl is so cute.

Abe Taraky said...

LOL Shit turned out awesome, wicked work Ian, hope to make more films with you.

Ian MacDonald said...

you guys rock! thanks guys!

Dylan- daaaww

Lee- thanks brotha! Your film was definitely one of my favorites in the screening. It's definitely one fo the most talked about in our year too. Way to destroy dude!

Abe- definitely man! I would be down like a clown to make more.

Sun Kim said...

♥ i miss those days too @____@ can we make another one please? and have more rabba food...