Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Daily Draw Day 7!

Here's 7. I maaaay or may not continue with this theme. I'm getting kinda burnt out on it haha. Theres only so many ways a girl can ride a creature before it gets inappropriate.


chang said...

try picking an emotion/country/geography to go with each day, might help if you're stuck:P

it's been an awesome week of monsters btw!

Nicole Kozak said...

bahahahaha "only so many ways a girl can ride a monster before it starts getting inappropriate.."

these have been really awesome to lurk, bro!

don't give up!

Matt said...

not bad not bad not bad. gooood stuffff.

Garrett Hanna said...

Freakin' boss. Work through the pain. You won't regret it.

Ian MacDonald said...

hahaha thanks guys!!!! Good call chang- i'll try that!