Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yoldandiii Daily Draw

Been a bit busy, so daily draw's been taking a back seat. Here's today's. It's a sketch of Yolandi Vizzer from Die Antwoord. I love them mostly based on how bizarre they are, and their crazy south african accents.

She's next level zef.


Dean Heezen said...

"Yo nevah gonna get it so you might as well foget it!"
Hahah nice dude :)

Adam Temple said...

Yo did you catch their show the other day??

Ian MacDonald said...

dean- thanks brotha! hahaha

Adam- I missed it! FUCK! They havent released their full 2012 tour dates yet, so hopefully when Im in Japan this summer they'll be there at the same time. I hope. haah

Ami Thompson said...

omg i love die antwood too! she is sooooo unique

Nooree K said...

Ack! she's awesome but so freaky.
great stuff!