Sunday, November 2, 2008

Zoo and Smash Brothers!

Just posting a couple drawings I liked from my zoo trip today. Also posting some progress on a smash bros pic! It features me (lucas), my roommates Mike (ganondorf), Hadi (Ike) and Mike's girlfriend Lara (pikachu).


Grillou said...

Here's the article:

Motha Fucka

Grillou said...

Actually here it is:

Bigmac said...

Hahaha yo thanks for the article man! It's verrrry interesting. The author's appeals to morality and religion are thought-provoking, as he is likening virtual killing to a thought of killing in reality, which according to religion is as bad as committing the act itself. Any non-religious person would also agree that a person who sincerely thinks of killing in reality has a propensity to do so. The moral boundary in this case is hazy, and I still believe there is a definite moral distinction between the virtual and real, but if games continue to be more lifelike and retain this realistic violence, moral standards will be questioned. There likely will be little to no distinction beyond the thought that it is ultimately a game.

we shall discuss this sometime soon!

Grillou said...

You know how you have to type in a word verification to post comments? I just had to put in "colma" that's like colon coma- a colma.

anyways i just wanted to say:

your so effin smart! you should talk more words more often plz! i can like feel your brain from here. (srsly i love talking)

larasalam said...

Yay its us! Good job Ian! Its awesome how you portrayed our gaming pattern as well.
And wes, I love your end note in parentheses...must be taken very seriously

Bigmac said...

Thanks guys!!! And Wesley, my brain has eerie powers of projection, so it's no surprise you can feel its energy. We will talk some more soon!