Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Battle Angel Alita

Here's a quick painting I did today of the robot from james cameron's movie coming in 2010 or something. Hopefully he'll do the source material justice and it'll be complete sickness. Like, so disgustingly, repulsively sick. (thats a good thing)


Mike said...

ian seriously you need to learn how to draw, i've seen small children with no eyes or hands, draw better than this, using sand and and baby bugs. see you soon man

Caroline Hung said...

very nice ian. ;)
love that backview. your version of alita is more mature looking; but that and the slight realism work really well.
looks like the film's being pushed to 2011 though?

Dylan said...

sick shiiiiiit. i hazblognouw

Frank Hong said...

hey ian, great stuff i'm seeing here, keep it up.!

Bigmac said...

Thanks Frank! I'm seeing some damn awesome stuff on your end man!

kathryn durst said...

hey guess what?
you should post more!

love kathryn

Grillou said...

Dearest Ian, stop

Fuck yo couch, stop

Sinceriously, stop
Wesley B Doan

Lwang said...

wow nice stuff you have here! =)

Bigmac said...

Haha thanks guys!

Kathryn: I will do what I can. Maybe some more asses.

Wesley: I like my couch.

Lisa: Thank you for the nice comment! Love your blog btw.