Friday, November 27, 2009

walk and run animation!

heres another animation exercise from sheridan:

Sheridan walk run animation from Ian MacDonald on Vimeo.


Luigi said...

DUDE!! this makes me wanna animate!!

love the designs and the fluidity!

Nicole Kozak said...

I love this! so good!
Thanks for showing me at school - i'm sorry for being such a nuisance

Bigmac said...

Thanks guys!

Luigi- Maaaan you totally should! It's fun for sure!

Nicole- Haha you weren't a nuisance at all! It was my pleasure!

Wesley Blondin said...

hahhaha thats great!!

Spencer Duffy said...

Everything is great about this!

Skim said...

actually. that was not Wesley commenting, it was me.

Kirk Parrish said...

hahahahahahah. just found your blog and lovin it. great work

Bigmac said...

THanks guys! And thanks weSEO (mix of wesley and seo).

Glad you like it Kirk! Thanks! Your blog is sick bro.