Sunday, January 10, 2010


Heres a colored version of the pic I sketched a while ago:

and heres a sketch I did:


Lee said...

oo you should paint the new sketch, that'll turn out pretty sweet with the composition and all =>

maybe even put some more canvas horizontally for the wings haha.

Bigmac said...

Haha I will totally color it! Thanks for the advice buddy. Definitely agree with extending the canvas for the wings.

Ahhhh I wish I had more time right now!

kathryn durst said...

heyyyyyy man these are so fu king sweet! i really love the lighting in the top one, (well its awesome in the bottom one too i guess) but its so sweet with the warm and cold light i love it.

aaaam i allowed to suggest something though i think the nose/snout is a bit too front-on and its maybe flattening the face a little. i think you should like make it slightly more 3/4 or something. it feels a little off to me. BUT ITS AWESOME AND YOU ROCK.

k bye

Bigmac said...

kathryn you rock! I fixed it by the way! Thanks for the tips!